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AnaeroLab System
* Fully automatic system, a desired condition is created automatically by evacuating a jar and refilling with gas supply
* An anaerobic, micro-aerophilic,capnophilic or user-defined atmosphere created in a jar within only a few minutes
* 8.4’’ TFT large LCD touch screen, simple operation
* Quick achivement of conditions:Anaerobic in 3 mins, Micro-aerophilic in 1 min
* Programmable and flexible:user can define end-percentage O2 and maximum evacuation level
* Reliable, excellent reproducibility
* Compact and portable design
* Low cost, high-performance,no maintenance
Portable Incubator
* Operate on 12V in automobile or laboratory
* Takes only a few minutes to come up to temperature
* LED display, temp. accuracy :±0.5℃(HTQ) / ±1℃(HTP)
* Battery power is an option
* Temp. range: RT to 70°C or 2 to 70°C
* Compact and light
Sterilizer LabPower I/II
The LabPower I/II sterilizes by infrared heat. Organic material is incinerated deep in a ceramic funnel tube. To use, simply insert loop,needle or tube etc. into the heating element cavity. Complete sterilization takes only few seconds at optimum sterilizing temperature of 1490 degree F (830 degree C) .
Anaerobic Jar
All kinds of anaerobic jars for culturing anaerobes and micro aerobes in any lab. These jars seal easily and have different sizes and models for creating rapidly and automatically anaerobic, micro-aerophilic or capnophilic conditions in an anaerobic jar.
eppendorf Pipette 
Eppendorf Research Single and Multichannel Pipette
Eppendorf Refercence Single Channel Pipette
Eppendorf Multipette Plus Single Channel Pipette
Eppendorf Multipette ES-Pipette
Eppendorf Easypet Electronic Pipette

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